Her body build is thick like a tank, with large muscled legs. She has light blue scales covering her body with several dark navy scales dotted around with some of them being slightly green. She has many scars on her lower back, and tough wings. Her talons are curved and sharp, along with her fangs which are jagged. She has multiple horns atop her head curved backwards, and spine spikes trailing all the way to the tip of her tail.


Being an Aviatis and Aquatix, she can breathe underwater as well as fly really fast. Her dark navy scales often glow in dark caves, creating little bits of light for her to see. She is a very good fighter, ramming her thick talons into the flesh of others.


Her ruthless aggression towards enemies has been proven fatal, but sometimes she can be friendly. She is a loyal second-in-command to Azure and an excellent daughter of Waves. She is rather intelligent, but sometimes her aggression can tower over. On top of all that, she is an excellent and believable liar.



Second-in-command to Azure


Waves (Father)

Aurora (Mother)