Appearance She has a very slim body that can easily slip through branches, and large wings. Her tail is very thin and long with a puff of feathers at the tip of it. There are red scales dotted all over the end of her tail and edges of her wings, and her talons are charcoal black. Her eyes are deem emerald green with a hint of blue, that seem hypnotizing. Her talons are rather short and very sharp, along with her fangs that have a tint of red at the tips.

Abilities Being an Aviatis mixed with a Pyroxis, her fire is extremely hot, and she can fly very quickly. Her vision is very keen, she can spot prey from a mile away.

Personality She deals with problems as maturely as possible, but it usually gets out of hand very quickly. She's decently smart, but in stressful situations she tends not to think right. She is very friendly towards neutral dragons and will surely hesitate to kill.





Pyra (Mother)

Adrian (Father)