Waves is a large Dragon of the species Aquatix and an Antagonist in the Book Eclipse of the Moon.


Waves is one of the biggest dragons in Eclipse of the Moon. He is covered in ocean-blue scales, shifting to a darker tone of blue under his belly. He has strong limbs with three digits on each foot that end in long, sharp claws. His wings are normal in size. He is very toughly built even able to withstand massive damage. He has bright yellow eyes.


As a Dragon of the Aquatix species, Waves is able to manipulate any fluid (mainly water). He breathes blue flames and can breathe underwater, as well as have night vision.


Waves is highly Intelligent, often mocking other Kingdom leaders for being less intelligent than him. He is sadistic, often torturing prisoners and putting two or more into an arena to fight to death for his entertainment. He is an excellent strategist, often being two steps ahead of his enemies.



Waves was the former leader of the Nova Ice kingdom before being killed by Flarius.


Astaroth (Daughter)

Aurora (Mate)